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Over the years, your asphalt driveway needs asphalt resurfacing to make it look like new. It ages and gets damaged due to multiple factors: hot summer and cold winter weather, weathering, oils and gasoline, and general wear and tear. The process is cheaper than completely new asphalt since it’s much more simple and takes less time. Asphalt resurfacing is the installation of a new asphalt layer on the old coating of your asphalt driveway; giving it a new life while increasing its beauty and durability. Instead of removing your existing asphalt, we add a new layer of asphalt over the old coating. This new layer is about 2 inches thick after compaction and we apply a layer of glue/bitumen beforehand for its adhesion to the existing paving.

Is resurfacing a good investment?

Certainly. In this way, an asphalt layer is obtained that is much thicker, applied on a base that has benefited from several years of compaction. Conditions that are optimal!

When to opt for asphalt resurfacing?

Wondering if you need to do asphalt resurfacing or full asphalt? Depending on the condition of your residential or commercial asphalt pavement, one of these options could be more advantageous than the other for you. It is not possible to perform resurfacing on all surfaces. During the initial visit, our asphalt expert will check that certain conditions are met :

The foundation must be of good quality.
The drainage slope must have been maintained over the years.
The level of the terrain must be able to accommodate an additional asphalt layer.

If any of these conditions are not met, a re-laying of asphalt made within the standards will have to be considered.

Advantages of Asphalt Resurfacing

Reduce the cost of your asphalt work
Positive environmental impact
Speed of execution of asphalt.


Asphalt Resurfacing Procedure

  • 1 - Cleaning your existing asphalt

    We will start by uprooting and burning the weeds to the root, afterward, we will clean with brooms and a leaf blower so that your old asphalt is residue-free.

  • 2 - Application of liquid bitumen

    We will apply a layer of bitumen that will act as glue to maximize the adhesion of the new asphalt layer to your old asphalt.

  • 3 - Installation of the asphalt layer

    We will install and level a new layer of asphalt on your old one.

  • 4 - Compaction of the asphalt

    We will compact with a compaction plate, to begin with, and subsequently use a road roller to have maximum compaction of your new asphalt entrance.

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