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Asphalt sealant has a long history; 50 years ago, the only product that was used to protect commercial parking lots and residential entrances was coal emulsion. Today several types of sealant are available and some are more effective than others. We use a premium bitumen asphalt sealant applied with a pressure jet for a superior result.

Restoring your asphalt driveway with a sealant restores a cleaner and maintained look to your property. It is also appreciated for restoring the original color of the asphalt with a non-gloss finish for a natural effect. However, due to wear and tear, it is recommended to redo it at 2-3 years or at your discretion. Sealing its entrance with asphalt sealant is an affordable investment that saves you in the short term from making a complete asphalt change.

With a 2-year sealant treatment, you can extend the life of your asphalt driveway by 10 to 15 years.

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How to protect and extend the life of your asphalt?

In order to maintain and extend the life of your asphalt, it is important to take the necessary measures to counter natural and human deterioration. The first line of defense against untimely asphalt deterioration is to professionally seal your asphalt course entrance, in other words, lay an asphalt sealant. This will prevent water from penetrating the asphalt surface. The bitumen sealant acts on the asphalt as a protection and also as an adhesive thus helping to extend its service life.


It is advisable to protect its asphalt entrance from the very beginning

New asphalt should also be sealed 1 year after it is paved. Asphalt entrances that are not sealed are constantly exposed to destructive elements that lead to damage and shorten the life of your asphalt entrance.


Why resort to an asphalt sealant?

Sealing your asphalt driveway correctly and professionally will slow the appearance of unsightly cracks and holes from occurring in the first place. Our sealing process offers long-lasting protection, a beautiful appearance protects your entrance from the weather of our beautiful Quebec and gives the asphalt better protection against oils, gasoline, fat, salt, and others.


Advantages of asphalt sealant

From year to year, the asphalt begins to crack and will need a sealant. Generally, every 2 years as we advise all our customers. The sealant will extend the life of your investment and help you avoid re-development or major work afterward. For longer-lasting and higher quality results, our team will be happy to install your sealant with a pressure jet that immediately penetrates your asphalt for a perfect, streak-free finish.

Premium sealer

Laval Asphalte guarantees you the use of a high-quality sealant. Bitumen sealants should not be confused with sealant acrylic-based and water-based ones. The latter is not very resistant to wear and hydrocarbons and they can cause other problems. Using a bitumen-based sealant should be your 1st choice to protect your investment.

Bitumen-based sealant (residential and commercial)

Unprotected surfaces will lose their color and durability due to our harsh climate, periods of frost and thaw, and human wear and tear. Oxidized surfaces become brittle and this creates a loss of aggregates that can cause 50% of the surface of your asphalt entrance to be lost in a short time. The asphalt sealant oil-based has special properties that allow it to fill the gaps of cracks created by climate and other factors.

Reasons and benefits of using a bitumen sealant

Regularly maintained asphalt with bitumen sealant can maintain its appearance for many years and greatly enhance the visual appearance of your property.

The main causes of asphalt failure are water penetration and the harshness of our climate (sun, frost, and thaw). A sealant based on bitumen will return it its original elasticity and impermeability. It’s more than just a paint-like acrylic-based sealant that makes your asphalt crack faster because it prevents it from breathing.

Asphalt treatment with bitumen sealant will prevent your asphalt to fray and flaking over time. The sealant treatment for asphalt entrances performed by Laval Asphalte will protect your asphalt against fat, oil, gasoline, etc… It will prevent the penetration of impurities and will restore life to your residential or commercial parking.

Procedures for applying asphalt sealant


1-Weed control using a burner to remove up to the root

2-Deep cleaning with high-pressure blower and brooms

3-Application of sealant 

4-Installation of a banner to prevent traffic

  • You can walk on the sealant the next morning. It is strongly recommended that you wait 48-72 hours (2-3 days ) to drive and park again on the sealant with your vehicle.
  • Water does not affect the sealant that has already been applied, it will pearl on the surface and will not be able to seep between the sealant and the asphalt, because the sealant already acts as a protection.

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