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Asphalt Repair Laval


Asphalt repairs are needed because although asphalt is a very durable coating, it is difficult to fight against severe weather in Quebec; freeze/thaw, and wear of time. Over the years, your asphalt paving deteriorates, loses its old beauty, and becomes more difficult to maintain. In some cases, your asphalt can also show cracks and holes or hollows. The most important reason to repair your asphalt is to prevent water from entering. There are different types of asphalt repairs:

  • crack(s) repair 
  • hole(s) repair
  • repair asphalt hollow(s)

Benefits of repairing your asphalt:

• Base protection
• Prevents contamination of healthy areas
• Extends the life of your parking lot
• Quality/price advantage

Other asphalt repair

  • Sagging manhole outline.
  • Ramp to correct sag in front of the garage or on the side of the house.
  • Correction of sagging caused by vehicle tires.
  • Donkeybone.
  • Corrected slopes for water flow.
  • The layout of an asphalt driveway.
  • Holes done by oil and gasoline stains.
  • Potholes and holes in the asphalt.
  • Deep or continuous cracks.
  • Correction of slopes towards a sump.     
  • Asphalt ramps for easy access to your warehouses or garages.    
  • Anti-water infiltration ramp near the foundation of houses or buildings.
  • Repair of gutters (rainwater).
  • Parking lot repair.
  • Patching of part of the asphalt.
  • Filling of cracks.
  • Various asphalt repairs.
  • Asphalt subsidence.

Pothole, hole, and trough

When there’s a hole in your asphalt,  over time it will enlarge and water will seep into it; making your asphalt more prone to cracking and deterioration due to freeze and thaw. Not to mention that a drop in the ground can be dangerous for the risk of injury. This is also the case with a hollow that fills with water and forms a real ice rink in winter. In these cases, the repair is required.

Procedure for repairing holes and pits in asphalt:

  • Cleaning and preparation of the surface to be repaired
  • Application of glue/adhesive to ensure better adhesion
  • Hot asphalt application
  • Compaction

At an additional cost, we can cut the asphalt with a special saw for better results (durability and aesthetics).

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Sealing cracks in your asphalt driveway is a preventive maintenance program aimed at mitigating or preventing water infiltration inside your asphalt. Cracking due to water infiltration will gradually deteriorate your asphalt parking lot. This type of treatment slows down the infiltration of water inside the asphalt pavement and therefore protects the foundation. The treatment of cracks slows the degradation of the paving and helps to prolong its life. If the crack is less than an inch; a sealant treatment will suffice where we will fill the crack with a sealant that will prevent water infiltration, if the crack is larger then we will repair it with asphalt.

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The application of a hydrating bitumen asphalt sealer installed with a pressure jet by our team following an asphalt repair helps to join the color of the new asphalt and your old asphalt. It’s a less expensive way to extend the life of your asphalt parking lot and defer a large expense to completely redo your asphalt driveway.

Asphalt Repair Quote Request in Laval


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